Counselling Workshop Perth

A 3 day

supervisory training workshop

Certificate of Attainment in Supervision

A competent Clinical/Professional Supervisor for counsellors and psychotherapists should be able to conduct supervision sessions using various supervision interventions, provide effective evaluation and feedback to supervisees, and address the ethical and legal considerations of supervision.

'Supervision Training Course',
Perth, WA

A 3 day professional development program: $900 + gst per person
Meals included.


Supervision Training Course, Perth

Professional/Clinical Supervision is an essential safeguard for clients, a support for counsellors and a process through which practitioners can develop their skills and competence. 

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Workshops for 2020 & 2021 :

* Monday 8, Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10 June 2020



* Monday 2, Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 November 2020

* Monday 15, Tuesday 16, Wednesday 17 March 2021

Each day is 9 am to 4.30 pm.

Fee - $900 + 10% gst; Early bird $780 +10% gst if registering by: 7 April for the June 2020 workshop; 1 October for the November 2020 workshop; 18 February for the March 2021 workshop.

About this workshop

Professional Recognition

The RISE UP Certificate of Attainment in Professional Supervision is recognised by the following organisations:

  • Australian Counselling Association

  • Australian Community Workers Association

  • Australian Hypnotherapy Association

  • Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

  • Association of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (Singapore)

  • Philippines Association of Guidance Counsellors

  • Counsellors Victoria

  • Professional Counselling Association NSW/ACT

  • South Australian Psychotherapy & Counselling Association


RISE UP is an approved Clinical /Professional Supervision training program that meets the eligibility criteria for membership to the ACA Professional College of Supervisors. For further information on the college go to


this workshop

The training program

The RISE UP training program is a three-day workshop with a pre-course study requirement, designed to provide supervision training for Mental Health professionals who are currently, or are going to be, responsible for the practice of other mental health professionals.


The training program covers all the competencies that are required as a component of eligibility for membership to the premiere College of Supervisors, a professional College of specialists under the Australian Counselling Association Inc (ACA)


To be eligible to undertake this training program it is recommended that you have a minimum of 2 years supervised practice experience in counselling, social work, psychology, nursing, education or similar.


This program is available for delivery to NGOs, corporate organisations and other relevant groups. For further information email us at

Your workshop facilitator

Your workshop facilitator, Dr Genevieve Armson, holds formal qualifications in Training and Assessment, Supervision (MCOS MACA), a Master of Counselling (Curtin University) and is a registered counsellor (level 4) with ACA. She is an industry leading professional with over 25 years experience in supervision and training.

The training program
Your workshop facilitator

Snapshot view of the workshop


The first day focuses primarily on theory and is spent working through the workshop manual.


Day 2 begins with viewing and critiquing of a supervision session. This is followed by a practice session working through scenarios from the workshop manual in triads. The afternoon is then spent with participants assessing and supervising 30-minute sessions in triads, as preparation for the final day assessment phase.


This is your formal assessment day where each person rotates through a triad, in turn, taking on the three positions of supervisor, assessor and supervisee. Each position is completed over a 60 minute period.

Workshop content

This supervisory training program will enable you to (as a minimum):

  • Describe the theory and best practice of professional supervision

  • Define the role of a Clinical Supervisor

  • Identify the goals of supervision

  • Describe the supervisory relationship and the supervisory session

  • Demonstrate the skills required for conducting diverse supervision interventions

  • Have knowledge of the different models of supervision

  • Present effective feedback to supervisees

  • Be clear on the supervisor's and the supervisee's responsibilities

  • Successfully undertake a variety of supervisor administration tasks, including note taking and record keeping

  • Address the ethical, legal and risk management considerations of supervision in the Allied Health Industry

  • Recognise issues that may impact on the supervisory relationship and/or the supervisee, including burnout, transference potential, mental health considerations, stress and anxiety

  • Practice sessions based on real issues - please be prepared to bring relevant issues with you to work on during the workshop. These need to be issues that you would discuss with a supervisor (ie not personal counselling issues)

Workshop format

The training program includes these components:

  • 3 days of face-to-face training, including a 60-minute real-time non-role play formal assessment.

  • 80 hours of pre-workshop study including reading the textbook “The Practice of Clinical and Counselling Supervision”

  • Completion of a questionnaire prior to the workshop

  • All participants will receive a comprehensive manual on day 1 of your 3 day workshop


Mandatory Questionnaire: All participants will be required to complete a 42 item questionnaire relating to the contents of the textbook. This is a mandatory requirement as it provides each participant with a broad theoretical understanding of the different settings and theories of supervision. It is recommended that participants allocate at least two weeks (or a minimum of 80 hours ) to read the text and respond to the questionnaire. The successful completion of the questionnaire is required before you can move onto the 3-day workshop phase.

Course participants will need to purchase and read “The Practice of Clinical and Counselling Supervision” 2017, Australian Academic Press to meet pre-course reading and questionnaire criteria. The book can be purchased directly from the publisher by emailing:

Snapshot view of the workshop

Venue - 45 Tyrell St, Nedlands (corner of Elizabeth St) at the Holy Rosary Church venue (please note that there is another church on the opposite corner); free parking is available

Meals included - morning and afternoon teas, tea/coffee and gourmet lunch

Fee - $900 + 10% gst; Early bird $780 +10% gst if registering by: 7 April for the June workshop 2020; 1 October for the November 2020; 18 February for the March 2021. 

ONE place remaining for the June 2020 workshop.

Please email if you wish to be placed on the waiting list for future courses in Perth. Courses can be organised for regional areas in WA for groups of 9 participants or more.


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